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If your dream is to buy vinyl record clocks or wood clocks - we will make your dream come true! We sell only high-quality clocks with the author's design and reliable mechanism. We offer free shipping worldwide and two-year warranty! Handmade in Europe with love. Waiting for your first order!

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Vinyl clock

      Have you ever thought of where is the border, passing which unusual goes back to usual? And vice versa. How often we get so used to the things, familiar from the childhood, so usual and common, that we stop paying attention. Maybe, it’s time to step forward back, and give the old things their novel-vintage meaning.
      Nowadays some people consider time counting devices excess and sometimes heavy luxuries or useless accessories. Indeed, our daily life and settled routine make us strive for usability, choosing the most efficient gadgets that bring maximum amount of information, provide speed and fast-thinking. To save us maximum time. Time. How often do you cast a glance at your time counting device? Or maybe you stare at it thoughtfully, planning on your day? How does it look like? Is it comfortable to use? Does it make you recall something? Or does it inspire you?
      In the Decoropolis site shop you could discover a wide variety of skillfully made original-design glass, wooden and vinyl wall clocks, latter made of old vinyl records in perfect condition. The glass, wooden and vinyl wall clocks are equipped with high-reliability quartz mechanism.
      Our vintage record clocks portray the characters of the movies, whom we love, most famous and popular worldwide.  We were also inspired with the kids and adults-adored cartoons, and used the scenery and heroes images to satisfy the most demanding clients.
     Also in the catalog of the site you can find various décor items with patriotic or national elements, fused glass creations, decals, small birthday gifts, LP clock theme-matching keychains etc.

Vinyl wall clock

      A person with innate good taste would definitely agree that good taste is most explicitly expressed in details. Like material. Hints. Recollections.. Décor is the soul of any house. It can make your home warm, cozy and easy to live in. Our vinyl wall clocks are carefully designed and made using old fashion rustic piece like clock wall vinyl, combined with elegant classy movie patterns, embodied in the new form with the help of the up-to-date technique of laser cutting.
      Let us introduce you a more into the whole concept of our LP clock creation. We choose the best preserved high-quality clock vinyl record in perfect condition only. Use the most attractive patterns (for the best solutions of which we are in constant search), to provide the best design. High-precision laser cutting technology allows us to provide the most accurate workmanship. Than we apply the records clock face, put the high-quality quartz movement unit in parallel with some minor finishing procedures.
Therefore we can definitely name our record vinyl clock an authentic handmade item. And call this type recycling upcycling!
      Wood is another well-known proven material, widely and successfully used for unique décor creations of high demand. Classy and timeless, it will never grow out of fashion and out of style. Our products are made of high-quality natural wood of the best species, they have soft natural color or could be painted in accordance with our Customers preferences.
      Some more information of wall clock vinyl: wall clock vinyl design is a new trend that has occupied a significant niche in the creative design market. The best-selling vinyl clock kit you can find in our site front page and see that clock vinyl popularity is growing and that the persons with real artistic approach and creative mind consider a vinyl record clock an attractive option to be chosen for a gift.

Record clock vinyl

      A little bit more about the vinyl record clocks. Modern and old-style. New and seasoned. Time proven. Dazzling catchy. Handmade. Novel, but not changing your old cozy retro customs. Record wall clock round shape is agreeable for eyes. LP clock black color imparts its laser cutting elegance. You can put the vinyl wall clock in any room, from low noise-requiring bedroom or living room – their works won’t interfere with your rest or sleep of your children. The vinyl clocks are a good gift for man, because they are:
  • stylish black
  • comics fan-type
  • compact and simple
  • remind of favorite movie or game

The record wall clock are a good gift for woman, because they are:

  • delicately made
  • elegant black
  • inspiring
  • interior forming

The comics wall clock are a good gift for kids, because:

  • kids adore comic books
  • they love their heroes passionately
  • vinyl clocks are lively and interesting
  • children need to learn how to plan their time
  • record clocks fit the children’s room design
  • fit into collection LP clock album

Vinyl wall clock is a remarkable gift for such happenings as:

  • birthday
  • wedding
  • memorable event
  • as a family keepsake
  • housewarming
  • office or club opening

You can choose vinyl wall clock with your personal hero from the list below:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Avengers
  • Batman
  • Deadpool
  • Game of Thrones
  • Harry Potter
  • Joker
  • Maleficent
  • Spiderman
  • Star wars
  • Superman
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Walking Dead
  • World of Warcraft
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Barbeshop clock
  • Steampunk clock
  • Jazz clock and more

       A piece of advice: speaking of a movie vinyl clock, the Decoropolis team reminds you about a nice gift for girls: a record clock with Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid, Maleficent, Harry Potter, and a proper gift for boys: a one with Superman, Batman, and, of course, their favorite World of Warcraft! Charity institutions shall not pass by our site as well – buying our products for charity purposes, for example, to make a gift for children in orphanage, or present them to another charitable organization, also seems a good idea. It means that with us you can express yourself, make a good deed and please someone, who needs this.
      Our upcycled vinyl easily fits any home, any room, from nursery to baby room. Also Decoropolis is happy to present a music vinyl clock – the one ornamented with musical instruments and figures of many renowned singers and bands. Our parents used to listen to the records, and we give you an opportunity to keep their heritage in the new form. The music collection vinyl clocks definitely deserve your attention.
       We have a city-themed section, at which we are still working and searching for patterns of the most interesting cities of the world and, who knows, maybe you will be the one to prompt us the theme for the next creation
 By the way, it is possible to create a custom design vinyl record wall clock or even a kit according to your own preferences and patterns! Minor things like size, record clock sticker color etc. could be chosen in the site and discussed. Be creative and make your home cozier, realizing your dreams, settled in a vinyl black clock to please you and surprise the guests of your house! Let the vinyl clock music play in your imagination!
      For delivery we pack our record clocks into solid boxes with foam plastic sealer that allows easy safe shipping of a single record clock or vinyl wall clock kit to any destination in Ukraine and worldwide. Parcel tracking is possible. We also provide Paypal money back guarantee. In case you buy a vinyl clock kit instead of a single record clock, you can ask for fair discount, besides, buying a vinyl clock kit at once for all of the people you would love to give it to, would let you save on shipping. Our prices are very affordable and we often make seasonal or dedicated sales!

Recycled vinyl record

     Important! Vinyl belongs to green goods: it is non-toxic and safe. Clock vinyl fits any age – adults and little kids can use it safely. Clock vinyl is nice to touch and easy to clean. And finally, clock vinyl is a recycling material, so, buying an upcycled vinyl clock, you help to save the environment of our planet! Let us together make a small, but significant input into protection of the resources of the Earth! Recycled wall clock vinyl will get a new life, and vinyl clock wall will get its new filling! We have passed the long way from recycling to upcycling together!
     Vinyl needs proper processing, therefore again we can proudly repeat that our LP vinyl record clock is made with high accuracy workmanship! The Decoropolis vinyl record clock make the quality and design merge into the perfect combination! Stay with us, we will inform you of the latest news and products!
      We are waiting for you in our site – here you can find unique and original handmade stuff, made with love and inspiration! Decoropolis team is always ready to communicate with you, give you feedback, discuss your needs and customize your projects to make you happy with the result!

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