Batman vinyl clock

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The series of products in this section presents the movie Batman vinyl clock style collection: 

This dc comics movie clock collection features our favorite heroes of the thrilling story of Bruce Wayne, Batman, Arkham knight, Joker and the residents of the mysterious Arkham city! Right after appearance in the screen, this comics hero movie went far beyond the imaginable popularity borders. Indeed, what could be more involving and thrilling, and there are quite a few persons who are not in the know of the story of the super hero of the dc comics world!

Now it’s time to have a new look at the exciting comics world story!

Our Batman vinyl wall clocks appeal to children and grown up people: you can buy them as a gift for adults and for kids or make part of your home interior as dc heroes theme room decor. They are compatible with multiple styles and decoration techniques. Vinyl lp record material is new and old-fashioned at the same time, it brings a scent of nostalgia and warmth, and also allows to realize the most creative dreams and most appealing patterns.

One of the best selections for home décor, a godsend for creative interior, an original birthday gift for men, women and kids, or simply a great buy to please yourself - a variety of options like Batman LP wall clock, Joker vinyl clock, wall decal, birthday and lover gifts, dc comics clock, themed room décor, customized branded keychains, made of vinyl or natural wood, will definitely touch the artistic strings of your soul.

High-quality lp vinyl possesses the properties of rigid materials, has great looks and is easily cleansed, which makes our Batman vinyl wall clocks even a more attractive buy. High-precision laser cutting make this piece of décor convert into a true piece of art!

You can also find a wood wall art in the wall clock Batman collection – according to the customer demand statistics, the wooden laser-carved pieces are among the best sellers in our site. Wooden Batman stuff has particular quality and is distinguished with exclusive style and workmanship.


 Batman Vinyl or Wood Wall Decor Clock for Home

Simply perfect. Elegant. Silent quartz works, not interfering with your sleep and rest hours, high-quality material, original design make Batman vinyl or wood wall décor clock for interior an attractive home accessory. Refreshing modern look, variety of patterns, from the superhero silhouette to Arkham skyline, Batman vinyl clock will always draw attention at selection of Batman theme room accessories for kids or as a stylish vinyl décor.

You can use the Batman wall clock as:

  1. Batman theme room décor birthday gift for kids, women and men
  2. gift for Batman movie fan colleagues
  3. gift for your Joker movie fan lover
  4. stylish part of décor in a creative office premises
  5. or part of décor in café, club or pub


  Joker Vinyl or Wood Wall Decor Clock for Home

Sophisticated yet simple. Appealing yet design-forming, Joker Vinyl or Wood Wall Decor Clock for Home is another stylish accessory of the Batman vinyl wall clock collection. The Joker silhouette Batman wall clock may become a bright piece of décor in Batman themed room for kids or teenagers. Batman Joker vinyl clock could also be chosen as a unique vinyl birthday gift or simply as a present for kids, women and men. Joker vinyl clock made of lp record is a thing not to miss!

You can use the Joker wall clock as:

  • Batman Joker vinyl clock movie theme room décor
  • birthday gift for kids, women and men
  • gift for Batman movie fan colleagues
  • gift for your Batman movie fan lover
  • stylish part of décor in a creative office premises
  • or part of décor in café, club or pub
  • nursery or playing room decor

 Batman Joker birthday gifts for women or men

Our Batman gifts selection comprises a variety of stuff: from Batman wall décor to personal belongings, from Batman to his perpetual antagonist Joker, dc comic clock, against the misty skylines of the city of Arkham. All the Batman movie gifts are of the highest quality and attractive exterior. High-quality vinyl provides unforgettable looks. Laser cutting and skilled processing of other materials like plywood make the design even more unique.

The Batman Joker birthday gifts dc comics wall clock will be great to present or possess, they will give you a good keepsake of your favorite movie!

Don’t miss the chance to buy a unique Batman clock, Joker clock, Batman wall decal or a gift from Batman birthday gift collection! Great looks, quality lp material, original design, reasonable price, variety of choice, long-term service life, reliable clockwork – we did our best to meet your expectations!


Also we would like to remind you that the Decoropolis team realizes custom design orders - we have host of ideas and in case you decide to work out your own design of Joker (or any other) movie style dc comics wall clock décor, we will willingly help you to realize your most complicated concepts and ideas, and make it with the best quality possible. Size, color, pattern – anything in your dream wall record vinyl creation is customized, tailored and discussable! Your favorite comics movie actors: Bruce Wayne, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto will be looking at you from the Batman themed room wall or will be a valuable addition to your Batman fan collection

You can put a Batman vinyl clock collection on a dedicated wall – it would especially fit a nursery or playing room for boys and girls – there the kids can play and learn the principles of collection composing as well as learn to plan their time from the very young age. So, the lp vinyl record clock would make a great gift for kids of any age and interests, because they are not only nice-looking, but useful.

7 reasons why you must buy our Batman vinyl wall clock and Joker vinyl clock:

  1. reliability
  2. elegance
  3. uniqueness
  4. usability
  5. creativity
  6. simplicity
  7. affordability

Batman Joker vinyl clock and Batman vinyl clock is the brightest options to choose among the other dc comics art gifts.

Product Specifications:

Height: 11.8 inches (30 cm) 
Width: 11.8 inches (30 cm) 
Depth: 0.8 inches (2 cm)
Face material: Vinyl record LP
Processing technique: Laser engraving
Clockwork mechanism: Silent high-quality quartz
Battery AA:  not included
Production: Vinyra, S-Interiors (Ukraine)


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