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We all love heroes of Batman movie Joker (Jared Leto and Heath Ledger) and crazy Arkam city! Buy the record clock is a great way to preserve memories of favorite characters and actors who embodied them in the movie Joker!

Joker clock is a true fan clock, vinyl record art! This is unique decor, that will surprise all your guests. The clocks are equipped with the silent quartz mechanism, which doesn't interrupt your rest. Vinyl sticker is fixed on the front side of Joker record clock. You may choose the color of sticker, which you like, among the colours, presented in our Online store

We produce vinyl clocks from vinyl record in great condition only. Vinyl record clock Joker for vinyl record wall art and vinyl record gifts! Record clock Joker is made with laser cut technology of vinyl record. We pack your clock in a reliable cardboard box with Styrofoam to send you safely!

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