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BarberShop clock


  yes Unusual clock in retro style is executed in modern laser cutting technique! Exquisite detailing and a beautiful "light" look will add an atmosphere of vintage style to the interior of the barbershop! These barber clock are presented in various sizes, so you can choose your perfect hairdresser wall clock!


Barber gift for men and women


  Who can be closer to us than our barber? He knows everything about us! He always looks forward to us - his scissors are always sharpened! :) Barber pole never stops!

   What does the hairdresser think, when he makes the haircut? Do you think in his mind the integrity of your image? Maybe, but most likely he thinks about:


1. What clock do I need to hang at home?

2. What decor for barbershops will fit to our hairdresser's?

3. What present will I be given to my birthday? Hope the barbers clock J


   Next time do not forget to bring a barber clock! What can you thank for a warm welcome and a nice conversation? Usually a gift! The barbershop art decor is a great Barber gift, you will surely surprise him and make his favorite barber shop closer to himself! This décor clock is made of natural wood or vinyl record, it will be a wonderful décor for the hair salon and always remind the hairdresser that you will come soon :)


This is just a unique clock for any hairdresser! It is ideally located on the wall in the beard & hair stylist home. We made for you the perfect hairdresser gift for men or women! High quality, warranty and reliable delivery make sure you have the right choice! We are waiting for your order!

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