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Steampunk Clock

In this section of our online shop the creative Decoropolis team would like to present the daring modern-vintage trend, old (or better, retro) handmade interior design approach – the wall art steampunk gifts!

            You probably know the signature style marks of the famous steampunk home décor, for those who are only getting familiar with it: the style took origin from the minds of the fantastic books writers of the 19-th century, and nowadays has rapidly gained popularity based on vast interest for urban, loft and industrial styles. It is taking the best of them, and making a charismatic mixture with adding the features of old Victorian epoch and certain futuristic concepts. Authentic, rough yet romantic, the style brings the incomparable atmosphere into any interior! Isn’t that enticing?

            How do you like the idea?

Are you a dreamer? Do you like dirigibles and submarines, goggles, steam machines and gears? Did you read Jules Verne in your childhood? Did it touch the magic strings of your soul? Though, we will not be waiting for your reply, because once you see the steampunk black industrial clock, designed by the Vinyra, S-Interiors and Decoropolis team, you will simply be not able to resist its charm!

Steampunk gifts


In the steampunk section of our site, which presents a variety of black industrial clocks, you can easily find and choose:

  • steampunk gifts for women
  • steampunk gifts for men
  • steampunk wedding gifts
  • steampunk home décor
  • gift for boys, gift for girls (suits kids age from little to teenagers)
  • steampunk clock wall décor for club or pub
  • steampunk vintage clock for your country house
  • steampunk wall clock for handmade art gallery
  • black industrial clock for office
  • steampunk clock black stylish present for your boss
  • owl wall clock for bird lover
  • wall clock owl gift for non-ordinary creative person
  • steampunk vinyl clock symbol for recycling/upcycling company premises
  • vintage steampunk clock to recreate museum atmosphere
  • a stylish steampunk vintage clock to use in cosplay theme or interior
  • a nice supplement steampunk vintage clock for garage
  • or even retro steampunk clock in your garden pavilion or greenhouse


See, how many choices you can make! Have not made up your mind yet? Steampunk grandfather clock will give you so many options!


As part of your house décor you can make a steampunk clock wall, composing an album of several various design steampunk clocks. The vintage steampunk clock will occupy a decent place and become a meaningful accent in the whole space. Besides, a wall clock owl will always prompt you the time – a perfect combination of usability and decoration!


Inside your house or in the premises you plan to decorate it is possible to arrange the wall clock steampunk piece close to the floor or near the ceiling, combine it with another items or put next to the second steampunk clock black accessory – the crazy futuristic nature of the fancy past-future trend allows any unthinkable and unbelievable solution – any, your fantasy is capable of! Make your house incomparable and give it the charismatic power and warmth of the world of daydreamers!


If you want to create an alternative reality in your interior, full of attributes of adventure and travel, to recreate carefully the unreal dreamy world as in the plots of the fantasy writers, you have to meticulously select and embody the looks of even the smallest elements, finest details. Gears, as in the steampunk gears clock, are an essential element of the imaginary steam world. Gears are absolutely irreplaceable in the interior, they have become a new indispensable futuro-urban accessory. Which brings us to the Decoropolis site featuring the appealing steampunk gears clock.


The laser-cut wall clock steampunk décor would make a perfect gift for kids, suitable decoration for home all over, roof to cellar, from nursery to bedroom or living room. A nice rustic handmade piece of black vinyl art will do credit to any premise. Steampunk gears clock would fit interior of any theme club as well or any place where this bright piece of art can draw the attention it deserves.

The steampunk novelty owl bird vinyl clock is another popular item in the list of the best sellers, created by our team. Steampunk clock large round shape in black embodies the elegance and simplicity.

The steampunk clock large face makes it easy even for children to read the time. Our owl steampunk clock is easy to clean, transport, it is lightweight and relatively not expensive, which adds to its advantages. Besides, it looks great, high-accuracy laser cutting technique makes the edges clean-cut and smooth. Black color makes the steampunk owl clock look enigmatic and imparts it soft moderate glimmering.

The owl vinyl clock is currently in demand, and we hope, that with time this demand will only be growing. In the near future we are planning to add new items to the steampunk vinyl clock catalog.


Steampunk Owl Wall Clock

The types and styles of steampunk wall clock which we were inspired by and combined in our own concept are:

  • gothic wall clock
  • industrial wall clock
  • retro steampunk clock
  • steampunk grandfather clock
  • loft wall clock owl
  • futuristic steampunk clock black owl
  • urban owl vinyl clock


Don’t miss the chance to buy a unique owl wall clock as a gift from Steampunk Owl Clock wall collection! Great looks, quality lp material, original design, reasonable price, variety of choice, long-term service life, reliable clockwork – don’t’ forget, we did our best to meet your expectations!


Our owl vinyl clock from the Steampunk Owl Clock collection is one of the luckiest possibilities to choose among the other vinyl laser engraved art gifts.


7 reasons why you must buy the Owl Wall Clock from Decoropolis:

  • reliability
  • elegance
  • uniqueness
  • usability
  • creativity
  • simplicity
  • affordability

For delivery we pack our products into solid boxes with foam plastic sealer that allows easy safe shipping of a single record or a kit to any destination in Ukraine and worldwide. Parcel tracking is possible. We also provide Paypal money back guarantee. In case you buy several owl steampunk clock pieces instead of a single piece, you can ask for fair discount, besides, buying a kit, to present to all of the people you would love to give it to, would let you save on shipping. Our prices are more than affordable and we often make seasonal or dedicated sales!


Important! Vinyl belongs to green goods: it is non-toxic and safe. Vinyl fits any age – adults and little kids can use it safely. Our steampunk owl is nice to touch and easy to clean. And finally, we are very proud to inform that our goods are recycled - vinyl is a recycling and further on upcycled material, so, our upcycled steampunk vinyl clock will help proactive people in saving the environment and making the planet a better place!

Let us together make a small, but significant input into protection of the resources of the Earth! Recycled vinyl will get a new life! We have passed the long way from recycling to upcycling together! Join us in this noble undertaking, buying a worth-spending wall clock steampunk piece!


Vinyl needs proper processing, therefore again we can proudly repeat that our LP vinyl record clock is made with high accuracy workmanship! The Decoropolis vinyl record clock make the quality and design merge into the perfect combination! Stay with us, we will inform you of the latest news and products!

We are waiting for you in our site – here you can find unique and original handmade stuff, made with love and inspiration! Decoropolis team is always ready to communicate with you, give you feedback, discuss your needs and customize your projects to make you happy with the result!


You can share with our designers your desires on preferable size, color, form, pattern, material, clockwork, face and other elements and features. Our e-mail – we will always be happy to hear feedback from our Customers and take their wishes into consideration, to put them to life!

We like people who dream with us, we love to help the dreams come true, we enjoy doing this together! Let us introduce something new and refreshing into the imaginary fascinating Steampunk world, to make it a little closer to reality!


Product Specifications:

Height: 11.8 inches (30 cm) 
Width: 11.8 inches (30 cm) 
Depth: 0.8 inches (2 cm)
Face material: Vinyl record LP
Processing technique: Laser engraving
Clockwork mechanism: Silent high-quality quartz
Battery AA: Not included
Production: Vinyra, S-Interiors (Ukraine)



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